Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Should You Read This?

What is Your Why?

I just watched a brilliant video explaining WHY we do things in terms of who we buy from, who we vote for, etc. It's all about people believing your 'WHY'. So I began to think - why did I create Chronic Pain Heroes? Why did I start a Facebook page? Why do I want to write a book about my experiences with Complex Regional Painchronic fatigue, depression, as well as my faith? Why do I have a vision to create a ministry where I have enough funds to help people pay for counselling, or physical therapy, or pain medication. How about - dare I say - have enough funding to give grants to universities for research, as well training doctors on how to diagnose chronically ill patients, and how to treat them with dignity instead of blowing them off as depressed hypochondriacs... What can I say, my 'why' is HUGE!!
What is your WHY

I then began to look at what I had created based on what I had just learned. My tagline for CP Heroes is "Standing along side those in pain". Why did I put that? Because it is far too easy for people with a chronic illness to feel isolated, misunderstood, rejected, alone. Then I thought about the 'how' component. How will I bring this vision to fruition when I don't have the energy to leave my house more than once every couple of weeks? That's in God's hands. I just need to make sure I don't grow weary throughout the process. My 'what', is outlined above, but basically it is to create a ministry to provide funding for patients and training for doctors.

Are You Invisible?

I know there are many people out in the invisible illness community who are doing great things to help others. The first one that comes to mind is Rest Ministries. Lisa Copen, in spite of being seriously ill, has created an amazing Christian ministry which helps people living with 'invisible' illnesses. If you are someone that falls in this category, you know exactly what I'm talking about. You get comments like -

Your Story

You have a story to tell! You have experiences, lessons learned, positive ones and, sadly, painful ones too. Your story could inspire others, or perhaps you are still in the midst of your learning journey.
My questions to you are -

Do you want to share your story?

                                       If so, WHY?

Dear friends, I truly hope that you will find a way to turn what most people would consider to be a life-stopping experience in to something that can have a tremendous impact on a hurting community. You never know whose life you could change in the process. I encourage you to watch that TED video, study it, follow it. Then start the process of finding others who believe in your 'why'.

I would love to read about your 'why' journey.

I look forward to reading your comments.