Friday, August 16, 2013

Stop the Ride!

Do you remember summer as a kid? School is out and you go to the amusement park to celebrate!

I'm SO excited

Oh the sweet anticipation. You and your friends chat endlessly the whole way to the park. You are almost squealing with delight! OK, maybe you didn't squeal. I actually may have... anyway - you are really excited!

You get to the park and without skipping a beat, you race to the roller coaster line up! You and your friends have been talking about this one all winter. This is the REALLY big one with all the double loops, twists and turns, and vertical drops that would make a mountain goat faint! You get on the ride and you hear the familiar "ca-chunk" as the wheels engage and you head towards the first hill.

Before you can catch your breath, you find yourself hurtling down the other side, then around a corner, up another hill, through a couple of loops, around another corner, and what seems like only seconds later - you are done! You look at each other and run back into line so you can go again! 

Stop the world I want to get off

Then it happens - you begin to feel queasy. You try to shrug it off, but it keeps building. You don't want your friends to know, so you act like everything is great. However, your body will no longer let you fake it; you are done for the day. 

How did you go from being elated to nauseated? 

Does this pattern sound at all familiar? Do your days ever feel like some sick roller coaster ride? That is what happened to me today.


I was seeing a new pain doctor and I was pretty excited about this visit. I had heard lots of great things about him and my expectations were fairly high.

First drop

I went in with four hours less sleep than usual. While I started out feeling OK, things began to unravel pretty fast as the pain and fatigue began to build.

Loops, twists and turns

Rather than head straight home after the doctor's office, we still had errands to do. So, off we went to the grocery store, up one aisle, down the next, around this bend and that one, feeling worse at each turn. We kept going from store to store. I wanted to get off the ride, but I couldn't seem to find the exit.

This was another example of what happens when I push myself beyond what I know my body can handle. I know I am going to pay dearly for today's ride.


Let's all make an effort to listen to our bodies so that when we want to ride the big rides, we have the energy to actually enjoy them!